UPDATE – OCT. 24 Meeting Docs

It seems that some folks have been experiencing issues accessing the meeting docs in the calendar.

If you have a gmail email/google docs, you should be able to just log right in and retrieve¬† the attachment… if you don’t, I added a hyperlink (you will see it, right above the attachment in the more details section of the meeting … it will be in blue font, with a tagline that says “if you don’t have google docs”) … Hope this helps and sorry for the inconvenience.


bryant, — oh, and just in case, here’s another hard link, if you’re on the message board, click the read more button to make it active …

Meeting Presentation 10-24-2011


Instructions for accessing Oct. 24th Meeting Documentation

Greetings from your Webmaster !!!

Mr. Alfred Liggans was kind enough to provide me with the powerpoint slide show that was used by the speaker at last night’s (October 24th) meeting.

I will be attaching any event (meeting) specific documentation that I receive to the corresponding event within our calendar (located on the Meetings and Notes page of our site).

Here are some instructions to view last night’s slide show …

  1. Navigate to the Meetings and Notes page of our site.
  2. Locate the event calendar (middle of page).
  3. Find Last Night’s Event (Meeting – October 24, 2011).
  4. Click on the Meeting Bubble to access/expand it.
  5. Click the More Details Link,
  6. and Finally Click the Attachment Link

If you are having problems accessing the presentation, please refer to my subsequent post (UPDATE – October 24, 2011 …)

Hope everyone is pleased with the new site !!!

As always, if you comments, questions, or if you need assistance please contact me at bryantmessina@gulfbank.com


Bryant Messina, aebpno webmaster

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